Below is a selection of some print ads I've worked on over the years.

National Parks Conservation Association
The National Parks Conservation Association needed some help reminding people that you can't simply replace a natural wonder. Preserve it now or say "bye-bye" soon enough. Besides running these in magazines, we also printed them as big posters to send to members of the Congress, in an attempt to call attention to this often over-looked topic.

World Poker Tour - Travel Channel
On this campaign for the WPT on the Travel Channel, we decided to show, in a fun way, that winning does matter.

Provision Pantry
The biggest issue facing many city food pantries isn’t the lack of food – it’s the management of it. Each pantry often acts as an island, without a way to effectively communicate with others. So, without no management system to handle the flux of supply and demand that occurs each week, perfectly good food ends up going to waste.To help fix this issue, we created a new, digital inventory tool that connects food pantries in any given area - enabling each manager to find the food they need and to give away the food they don’t - ensuring no food goes bad and every stomach stays good and full.

Posters – We put up posters in and around local pantries to encourage pantry managers to register at

The App – Once registered, the pantry managers let others know what they need and what they have.

GLSEN (Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network) and the Ad Council had a problem: teens misuse words like ‘gay’, ‘homo’ and ‘fag’ in an attempt to playfully insult someone or something. Their friend who did something stupid, a bad score on a test, even an ugly skirt. But what they don't realize is that they end up hurting people they are not even talking to. So we came up with a campaign to alert people to their behavior and also to give them some solutions to help undo what they may have already done.


Mobile App
This chat/message app leverages the auto-correct feature of your phone. It recognizes insults and offer playful emojis to be used instead.

The posters, OOH and mobile app will lead people to "", where they can get more emojis, learn more about the campaign, watch funny educational videos, download the app/plugin and also get some Unhurt swag-opaganda.

Browser Plug-In
Just like the mobile app, the browser plugin autocorrects insults into playful emojis.

Animal Advocates Alliance
This was a little pro-bono project we started for the Animal Advocates Alliance.
They were having some problems with an increasing number of Pit Bulls in dog shelters everywhere. And let’s face it, most of the people going to the shelter will probably choose one of the other breeds before they consider a Pit Bull. So, we thought: what if the rest of the dog community decides to speak up for their fellow pit bull friends?

Kettle Brand Chips
Keep yo' hand of my chips!

Miller Brewing Co.
When the workday is over, it's Miller Time!


One Show
The 2004 One Show Young Ones brief was to develop an advertising or design campaign that elevated the advertising industry in the minds of consumers. The consciousness of the consumer should be raised enough to entice stronger, smarter, and more diverse talent to consider a career in advertising.
This was my first experience getting an award for an ad. Got a Gold Pencil for this one.

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