Museum of Science and Industry – Long Live Curiosity

The Museum of Science and Industry needed help differentiating themselves from the saturated museum scene in Chicago.
In order to do so, we decided to celebrate curiosity – using the tagline "Long Live Curiosity". The work aimed to spark a sense of wonder by asking provocative questions about science, life and everything in between.

In this initial phase, the campaign elements include OOH, radio, print and digital, and was placed throughout Chicago during the summer.

OOH – We had bus shelters, billboards and buses all around the city.

Below are some of questions that were made into posters.

Inside the museum – The museum was a great (and free) space to keep spreading our questions. 

Manifesto – This ran on a Sunday edition of the Chicago Tribune and helped us kick-off the campaign.

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©DenisonKusano –– Selected works 2021