International Delight

International Delight coffee creamers used to stand for nothing. Just like everyone else in the category, they relied on selling flavors using 'sip and smiles'. So, to relaunch the brand, we looked for something that no one else had. An emotion that only they could own. Delight. Igniting delight in everyone became the goal of everything we did.

TV - "Whale"

TV - "Zeppelin"

TV - "Flying Machine"


TV - "Hazelnauts"
ID was the first creamer to be Sugar Free & Fat Free, so we wanted to tell a flavor story about coffee going where no other coffee has gone before.

This iPad ad for the Fat-Free Sugar-Free Hazelnut flavor would serve as a prequel to the TV spot by allowing consumers to experience how that flavor was being delightfully concocted inside the bottle.

We were also tasked with turning the International Delight employees into ambassadors for the brand. In order to help them embody delight, we wanted them to experience what delight could be. So we came up with a delightful Desk Drop. Each employee received a delightful mug and 3D-printed brand characters that could be painted, or dyed by simply dropping them in your morning cup of coffee.

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