@Audi is an entertainment network for car fans.
For the last 20 months we’ve been shaping the Audi brand across all of their social media, managing short and long term projects from simple tweets to grid rollouts to returning IG stories series. Below is a sample of a few things we’ve done.

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Launching a car with a Twitter reply

For over seven years drivers across America begged and pressured Audi to bring the legendary RS6 Avant to America. In 2019, Audi finally caved and we were getting to break the news. But instead of doing that with a grandiose spot, we decided to choose the opposite route – since the fans were the ones who convinced Audi to bring the Avant here, they should be the ones to find out first. We dug up the first tweets of people asking for the Avant, and after eight years of silence, they finally got a reply.


Shot on Forza

When Covid-19 made producing car photography exceptionally hard, we turned to the one place where people were still driving and shooting Audi cars: the Forza Horizons racing game. We invited “Forza Photographers” to shoot their favorite Audi models. In return we’d feature their artwork on our Instagram channel. The result is a series of shots almost undistinguishable from real car photography, but created in a game.


From post to poster

To reward our most avid fans for their unrelenting passion, we turned our social feeds into a fully operational fan art printer.


Love letters to the road

We spent Valentine’s day on Twitter, swooning over our one true love: the road.
The resulting series of love letters was tweeted at the nation’s ten most epic drives.


Driving Harmony

We celebrated Earth Day by showcasing the all-electric Audi e-tron Sportback in full bloom, just like its surroundings. Mother Nature was there, too. And she approved.


Leaving Gas Country

Launching a state-of-the-art electric against the backdrop of a gas-powered past.


We make Mom cars

On Mother’s Day, Audi reframed the meaning of the term “mom car” by connecting it to some of its fiercest models.


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